Self-knowledge that hits ya over the head

I’ve learned something rather interesting about myself over the two (going on three, aaaarrrrghghghghhhh) weeks of enforced stationaritude. Maybe I used to know this, but it hasn’t been, shall we say, forced upon me recently.

I am really bad at accepting aid.

Not quite as bad as Grandma, but pretty bad. Guess I’ve just never had anybody to take care of me when I’m nonfunctional (not in my adult life, anyway), so I’ve gotten used to figuring out ways to take care of myself. Also, despite the fact that I think I don’t do this, I tend to think I can do more than I can (or should) actually do at a given point.

If this means I shall behave like Grandma when I am old, I’m off to find a high cliff.

Snaotheus and KrisDi came up last Saturday to entertain and succor me in my lonely solitude. They did quite a good job. They hauled me out so we could pick up Chinese and have lunch with Grandma, who was ecstatic. And they got groceries for me while I sat rotting in the car. And when we got home, Snaotheus cut up the broccoli and cauliflower they’d gotten for salad things! And they got me beer! How’s that for sweet? Those two, they’re keepers. 🙂

KrisDi’s tummy is quite beautiful and the grandfetus is behaving like all babies its age behave: sleeping all day and dancing all night. I’ve never known anyone whose baby did not have this schedule. It must be part of their DNA code. Speaking of babies, I watched “Babies” last night. It was enchanting. The producers followed four babies throughout their initial year, one each from the US, Japan, Mongolia and Africa. The Mongolian and African babies had the most interesting lives, by far. I shall begin the search posthaste for a goat to gift Snaotheus and KrisDi with. And the film is instantly playable on Netflix. Whee!

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The cats and dogs (and the goat and cow) amazed me, too. The one tot was dragging the poor cat around by a string around its neck, and one of them all but pulled the cat’s skin off, and the baby tried to grab bits of the cow, and the critters just made this long-suffering face and tolerated it.

That was one of the things that made us giggle the hardest, as our girls will do the same thing, with similar results.
I told Legge the Japanese urban culture looked a lot like a more colorful, slightly different American urban culture. I found those two to be cute, but not nearly as interesting, though I did like the bit where the little Japanese girl was playing with her toy and couldn’t decide if she was going to throw a fit or keep playing.

And don’t you think newborns need a rooster, too?

Wasn’t the little Mongolian baby’s older brother a stinker? He kept swatting the poor thing with a scarf.

You guys are mean. Don’t you read the news. Goats from around these parts kill! Are you trying to off me and my family?

Legge and I rented Babies a week or so ago, and enjoyed. We liked the little Mongolian baby. I agree that KrisDi and Snaotheus need a goat for their newborn. Maybe a couple rocks as well.

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