Warm, fuzzy happiness

Despite the appallingly dismal election returns, I am pleased today. I have a new housecoat! (The old one was about 20 years old—no wonder it was worn out.) It is fuzzy and warm chenille! It buttons up! It has pockets! It sheds like crazy, but it’s cozy!

Who knew happiness was to be had in warm, fuzzy clothing?!

Later: OK, so it sheds worse’n the dog. It’s gone six times through the dryer on “air fluff” and it’s still filling up the lint filter. But hey, it’s warm an’ cozy!

Posted by wordsmith


Yay for chenille! I got tons of lint, and now I’m trying to figure out whether I can blend it with wool and spin it. 🙂

I’m currently wearing an orange chenille sweater. It’s made my day very happy.

Warm fuzzy housecoats are second only to a fresh pack of cushy, white socks 🙂 And yes, the chenille sheds like crazy, but for as warm and lovely as it is, I’ll take the fuzzies./

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