Guy Fawkes and the birthday fire

The kids came up to visit and brought The World’s Richest Birthday Cake (“It’s got five sticks of butter!”), which was seriously, I mean seriously, delicious (though I did point out it would be more efficient to just shove each of the sticks of butter jam-smack into the respective coronary arteries, and the fifth one into the aorta). We met my buds for lunch, whereupon one of them said to Snaotheus, “Oh, you’re the good son!”

We shared Killer Cake with them, and I tried but failed to send some home with them, but did manage to get the waitress to take a piece. If I take some to a friend tomorrow and to Grandma, then maybe I’ll end up with only three coronary arteries blocked. The kids had ordered me a new camera battery (mine won’t hold a charge very well anymore), and then bought me an entire case of swill in addition to helping me get groceries and hauling them down the stairs. Which is still greatly appreciated, although ye Badde Ankle is getting marginally better. KrisDi is convinced I have a stress fracture. 😉 She could be right.

After dinner, we went by to see Grandma for a few minutes. I bent over to hug her. She saw S&K, shrieked, and flung her arms out. This let her whack me in the face and smack me out of the way so she could hug them instead. Nice to know where I stand in the pecking order, eh? Quite amusing for the younger set. 😉 K is now getting multiple hugs, so she can pass them on to the grandfetus. 😉

Oh, and I mustn’t forget, they also bestowed upon me an awesome amount of their awesome awesomeness. :)They really are awesomely awesome!

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:giggle: Could that possibly have been a Freudian slip?!?

I’m sure KrisDi the Amazing has the recipe. It was. . . (sighs blissfully) magnificent. 🙂

I mean less likely to receive. LESS I say!

Happy late Birthday, and my goodness that cake sounds wonderful. You could always mail some to me…or send a recipe, which would be far less interesting, but more likely to receive an EWWWW response upon reception.

LOL! Sure you do! It might require moving out here, though! ;D

Wow, I have no chance of ever being the good son again.

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