Happy gorging, tra-la, tra-la

All set to have Thanksgiving Dinner with Grandma, I leapt (okay, I staggered and fell) out of bed to find. . . three inches of new snow and a picture-perfect, gently vertical, steady, unrelenting and continuous fall of yet more snow. It was supposed to be warmer and raining today, but evidently not yet, and not where I am. If you noticed the progression of modifiers from positive to negative there, good for you. If not, I just told you.

Unwilling as I am to risk my life and my car (not to mention my car insurance bills) to a bad ankle on icy roads, especially when said roads carry bazillions of dinglewits who have no clue what they’re doing, I shall probably have to forgo the pleasure of Grandma’s company and somebody else cooking the turkey.

Much as I like my solitude and my largely undirected life, I am thoroughly and utterly and completely at the very tip end of the last thread fraying out of my rope. It’s having to stay rather than being able to make the choice to stay here. Going to the grocery store shouldn’t be a serious situation requiring strategic evaluations of the logistics.

Well, I shall th’ow my turkey and stuffing in the oven, but dang, I wish I had a couple of eggs to bake a pumpkin pie. It just isn’t Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie!

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