Umm, nom, nom, num, nummy

The very best part of Thanksgiving: turkey dinner leftovers.

:nods: Yes.

BTW, Northwood, I tried yer sammich idea. It tastes good, but it falls apart rather ferociously. 🙁 Oh, yeah, an’ I picked up five Botts dots!

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Thank you! I pulled the asphalt entirely off of one of them and was surprised at how cleanly it removed. (I just put it in hot water for a while.) It’s got some bits and stains, though, so I’ll try that. I have a bunch of GOOP, too, so maybe I’ll see if that works.

use gasoline for that. Or de-natured alcohol. Gasoline will work though. Carb cleaner or brake cleaner might work. Simple green will work VERY slowly.

The snow came with temps down to about 10 deg, and they started popping off the street. Their usual mating season is January, but they’ve started migrating to the roadsides early this year. One yellow, four white, and if I’d wanted to stop today, I could’ve picked up four or five more yellow ones in one spot. It’s proving difficult to get the asphalt off the back, though.

Yeah, you have to use a sub roll of some kind. Normal bread falls apart. How the heck did you get 5 bots dots?

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