Attention, hunters and trackers amungus

When I let Herself outside this a.m., these tracks greeted me. The long, one-piece, swerving, parallel ones. Gauger’s prints are from yesterday, when he brought me pho and cold pills. Blue’s are from a couple of days ago. The raccoons’ (and probably bunnies’) are from several nights; I seem to be on their Nightly Rounds Map.

There are no additional hooman prints I can find, nor anything else that wasn’t there last night. The end (or origin) of one, at the front, looks a bit like a slid-sideways people foot, but there isn’t a corresponding one for the other track. I don’t see anything that might be bobcat or even coyote tracks, and coyotes don’t carry their tails low enough to make tracks, and certainly not two parallel ones. Nor do bobcats, I think.

What can they be? Have I monsters? Has my muddy little crick below begun to produce Mutated Creatures from the Perilous Lagoon?


Added later: The round bits circled in red look like the bottom of one of those casters you can buy that go under heavy furniture to make it easy to move. Perfectly flat (and as far as I can tell, level), with slightly curved edge. One at each end. Maybe 23/4 to three inches in diameter.

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Clearly, this track is a unicycle skidding out of control a little bit at the bottom of the stairs and then returning.

Or, maybe someone came down with a one wheeled cart thing and walked in Gauger’s footprints.

Or, maybe someone came down with a two wheeled cart thing, walked in Gauger’s footprints, and flipped the cart thing around and rolled back over the same tracks on the return.

Maybe it was a Segway?


No human steps indicating anyone pushing anything, though, and nothin’ left on the porch!

Maybe the UPS guy with all kinds of books.

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