Aerobic shoes: not what you think

Or, a demonstration of the usefulness of the words “and then”

Even though the bone’s still sore and swollen on my right ankle, I decided to check out REI for hiking boots this afternoon (after I took Grandma some ice cream, which she slurped right down). Nobody, apparently, makes mid-shin hiking boots anymore, so I will have to wear those awful braces when I go out in the hills. That means hiking shoes will have to fit over them. And that means I have to try on boots with the braces on. Don’t you love logic?

Putting the dang things on took nearly half an hour and a lot of fidgeting and squnching. You have to shove your foot into the brace cradle, then lace it up tightly, then fight with Velcro sticking to everything in its path and cross the straps over your feet, and pull the straps up tight so your foot’s at about 90 degrees to the ankle, stick them to the Velcro they’re supposed to stick to, and then wrap another Velcro cuff around the whole schmear to hold them all in place. That’s enough to work up a sweat and ought to qualify as aerobic exercise.

Then you have to figure out what size boot you now need, since it has to fit around your orthotics and the braces and still lace up. So you have to swap shoes and orthotics six or eight times ’til you find the right size, and then (of course) you have to try several different models to see which one seems to work the best. Naturally, the most expensive one seems to fit the bill; however, since your ankle is, as noted, still swollen and sore, it’s not smart to actually buy the boots. Which turns out to be a good thing, since REI has a 20% off sale in March, and you probably won’t be actually in need of the boots until at least then, and maybe later.

You wipe the well-earned sweat from your brow and write down the product numbers so you can find them later. Then, the salesperson says to you, “You know, I really admire your persistence. If I had to go through all that to find a pair of boots, I’d just take up poker.”

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I’m not too fond of card games, myself. But I should probably prepare at some point for a seriously decrepit old age. Pfblthththththtttttttt. Ttttt.

When I said there was something to be said for card games, I failed to mention that everything I have to say about them is four-lettered. I’ll send Legge over to teach you. He’d actually have fun with it.

Argh. They’d better. Well, they fit the left foot OK, so they *ought* to fit the right foot. . . unless the bone heals with a lump or something.

I did get nine and three-quarters miles in today, with no additional pain (yet) other than about what I had yesterday. Progress, of a sort.

Wanna come teach me pinochle?

There is something to be said for card games. 😉
I also admire your persistence, especially since I’m of the grab a pair of shoes and beat them with a hammer until they fit properly mind set. Hopefully they’ll still fit when the stubborn, swollen ankle finally subsides and you are ready to buy. I’d hate to think you’d have to go through all this again.

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