. . . (stealth visit)

Made one to Grandma’s to take over some desperately—and I mean desperately—needed new clothes and nightgowns. She has fought and argued and fought and argued and flat-out refused, in her own inimitable stubborn-as-a-tree-stump way, to let me get rid of some blouses that date to the mid-70s (and I am not exaggerating)—before you guys were even born. Not to mention nightgowns so thin they are beyond transparent; I have no idea how the buttons stay up ’cause there certainly is no support around them.

So I sneaked in when she was out today, made the transfers, took away the too-ratty-for-rags stuff, and sneaked back out. Chances are she won’t notice, given her level senility, and probably won’t remember if she does. That probably  makes me a Bad Daughter, but what can a person do?

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There’s an idea. I’m also using it for circular stuff and it works fine for that, so maybe I’ll haul it along to Rick’s wedding.

I’m putzing with a triangluar shape of some stuff I don’t care about, so whacking into and adding weight here and there is fine. It’s looking as if I need to think more about the object as a whole rather than the specific area the weight is concentrated on, kind of opposite to the circular objects.

Wish I could do the math, but since in use these have a free rather than fixed axis, it might not help much. 🙂

You want to mail the balancer and the piece to me or wait until ricks wedding?

I know; I wasn’t scolding. I expect you to correct me when I get engineering things wrong (which is more frequently than you get language things wrong, I expect!).

BTW, this rotational dynamics stuff is driving me purple. I taped a piece of wire on the thing and while it changed the “heavy” side a bit, how it’s working is still utterly counterintuitive.

I am an enginerd, not a grammar person……. thanks for correcting though.

She didn’t grouse today. There’s hope! (I don’t think she noticed she has new stuff, either!)

(And that’s “bated breath,” as in short for “abated,” rather than something you try to catch fish with. Sorry, it’s the editor in me. 🙂 )

WAITING on baited breathe for how this goes…….. WAITING……

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