Month: September 2011

When not sucking is a bad thing

Well. I suppose after 15 years or so, five of which involved Beloved Offspring banging the he!! out of it, I shouldn’t be surprised. Maybe I’m not, but I am displeased.

My vacuum cleaner does not suck. Which means, of course, that after a fashion, it sucks.

I shall start researching for a new one, I suppose. (Yes, I’m sure it’s not the bag or the belt.) Bah.

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Playing with the macro

The other day I wandered outside with my macro lens to see what I could find. Of course, I wasn’t sensible enough to dig out the tripod and set that up, so I had to deal with poor light and hand shake, and since autofocus thingies aren’t very good at selecting small things in the foreground, I had to focus manually (see “hand shake” above).

This was, I think, a flower bud from a tree (I found it somewhere), but I don’t know what kind. The cross-hatched stemmy bit is textured, not just colored, with the dark bits raised so it’s kind of knobbly. Extremely interesting little thing. Wish I did know what it was.


I loved the spiral arrangement of the non-fertile flower nodes on the stem of this lupine flower stalk. The blossoms are gone and only a few of the flowers made seeds, so this showed up clearly. Very mathy!


One of the resident garden spiders had a good feed that day. She’d caught so much stuff that it tore her web and dangled down like a bell pull. She wasn’t too crazy about me poking my lens at her nest, though, and scuttled off after the first couple of shots (which weren’t usable). Even predators get antsy when bigger predators are around. 🙂


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