More success, peaches!

After fixing the severely respiratorily distressed, nigh-unto-death vacuum cleaner, such that yea, it now sucketh a mighty wind, I got a little cocky about my mechanical skills. Thus, I tried to fix my dead shredder. Had to buy a special screwdriver to get the housing off, wrestled valiantly with it, etc. etc. It didn’t occur to me (until the proverbial too late) to take step-by-step disassembly photos, so even though I got everything cleaned out and functional again, I can’t deduce where to put what appears to be an essential pressure-type switch, so it won’t turn on. Oh, well.

So! To redeem myself in mine own eyes, I went by Hardware Sales today to pick up miscellaneous bits to put together an ear trumpet. Since Grandma can’t keep from destroying mechanical / battery-operated hearing-assistance devices, I thought going back a few centuries, technology-wise-speaking, might be a possible answer.

Ear trumpets were exactly what they sound (har har) like: a trumpet-shaped thing that old / deaf people held up to their ears to concentrate the sound into the ear and help isolate the speaker’s voice from the background noise. (I don’t know why the little girl’s head is deformed.)

$1.50 in parts later (plus a bit for the governor), I came home and stuck the bits together, cut a hole in the end of the soft rubbery green end-cap, and voila! Ear trumpet!

I shall take it to Auncient One first thing in the morning. Anybody want to start a pool as to how soon she’ll lose / break / destroy it?

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LOL. She’d prolly scatter the cups all over the place and for sure she wouldn’t remember what they were for. I fully expect that she has no clue what the thing is any longer and it’s been relegated to the trash. 🙂

Well, if it she doesn’t like it as an ear trumpet I suppose she could always turn it into a tiny beer bong. She’d be the most popular lady in the place. You might want to buy her some little red cups and a ping pong ball as well. 😉

You should have seen Grandma with it yesterday. She was astonished. The aides thought it was hysterical, and they had to try it out themselves. One of the aides thought it was a tiny beer bong, which made me laugh so hard I nearly fell over. Everybody was astonished at how well it worked. Grandma was totally the center of attention, which, as we know, she enjoys quite a lot.

The plastic tubing ought to be about a foot longer, I think, but I’ll give it some time before I get more. Any longer and I fear she’ll get tangled up in it.

I was incapacitated by laughter for several moments.

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