Major daughter fail

Grandma has managed several times to lose the plastic tubing to her Amazing Ear Trumpet, so I picked up new materials yesterday, built myself one to keep in the car (I defy her to break or lose it from there!), and duct-taped the tubing to her funnel this a.m. I’m sure she’ll lose the whole thing, now, but what can you do? It’s enough to make you cut off your ear.

Her fingernails were just awful this a.m.—easily long enough to hurt herself (I’ve seen office women with l-o-n-g nails that were shorter than Grandma’s). So I got out the clippers to cut them, and managed to catch a bit of her finger in them. They’re a lot harder to use on someone else’s fingers than they are on your own! Poor dear howled at me, and bled all over herself. So I am officially a Bad Daughter, I guess. Sigh. At least I bandaged it all up thoroughly. 🙁

Miss Delighta and I had a marvelous time last week, babbling at each other and putzing about on the floor. She’s getting to be more and more fun to play with. Grandma tells me I sound like such a grandmother when I tell her about Delighta. So maybe I’ll just not tell her anything. So there. Criticize me for babbling about my granddaughter, will she? Hah! Only issue is that she managed to tear my right rotator cuff just a bit (Delighta, not Grandma), so I will have to be much more judicious about lifting her for a while. Oh, all right, she didn’t do it. She was just the proximal cause.

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