This. Is. Bellingham.

“Nice basket o’ squash you got there,” said the wine-and-beer guy at Haggen’s.

“Thanks,” I replied, looking down at my pile-o-squashes in the basket.

“Or wait,” he added. “Should that be squashes?”

Ensued a lengthy conversation about changing language, descriptive vs. prescriptive language-use sources, and the evils of a language lacking a neuter pronoun (which results in constructions such as “any person can eat if they want to,” which remains up there near the top on my Gharstly Pet Peeve List), with an intelligent, articulate guy who has at least one graduate degree in French. Working in the booze section at the grocery store.

Thing is, you can find these kinds of people all over town, a lot of them with PhDs in something-or-other. It’s part of our charm.

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You know, Rick G. and I were talking about that. He spent some time teaching in your area and was generally dismayed at the low quality of brainpower there. Keep sending resumes out this way. I mean, you’ll be pissed off by stupid people wherever you are, especially if you’re in a big outfit with lots of bureaucracy, but at least hereabouts you could shriek in the bosom of your family!

I need that kind of humour here. These people are fcking idiots. I haven’t been happy at work for months. Literally pissed off and walked out a few times. I need the general population of IQ to hop up a couple k.

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