A lapful of dogly. . . cheer

Some of you know that my old dog, Blue, is not a cuddly creature. She is far too dedicated to her job, which is keeping wolves and suspected wolves (which may be wearing squirrel costumes) from tearing out my throat, to go in for that time-wastin’ stuff wot dulls the edge of a hard-workin’ dog’s attention.

The last couple of days, however, she’s been encroaching down the couch from her rug-covered end, such that she’s been knocking my knitting stuff—yarn, tools, books, all the essential stuff—all over the floor and between the couch cushions and making huge tangly messes, thanks to her (large, rough-padded) feet and relative clumsiness (read: lack of opposable thumbs).

Since she is also presently in the Cone of Shame yet again, for yet another ulcery spot licked on a hind foot this time, I took pity on her this morning and moved the knitting stuff, thinking she’d probably curl up fairly close to me. “Close” is about as snuggly as she ever gets, even when I’m reading in bed. Next to me; several inches away; or stationed between me and the door, so she gets The Intruder first.

This, however, is what I got.



Galumphed entirely across my lap, with the Cone of Shame covering my face. Made it just a tish hard to see the screen or type, but hey, she made me laugh. More than once. That’s worth a lot, these days!

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It is hideous, but it was the only one of any color left at the store when I first needed one. She has also broken it sufficiently that I threw it out and got a new one. The new one was also the only one left, but it was uncolored. Now she can see out the sides. 🙂

If I did knit her a cone of shame cover, I figure it would contribute to depressive tendencies because it would drastically cut the amount of light she would receive. *:nods:* Yep, that sounds good.

That may be the ugliest shade of yellow I have seen on a cone of shame. No wonder she looks so sad, she wants some pretty flowers or stickers. Maybe you could knit her a cone of shame cover?

poor thing.

Good thing somebody does, eh? She’ll stay with me when I’m in my waxed fridge carton!

Silly dog. She’s paying attention. 🙂

Awww. She wuvs you.

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