Tea! And potatoes! And. . . and tea!

It says many sad things about me, doesn’t it, that I was hugely excited about heating up one cup of water for tea this morning (as opposed to boiling a kettle of water on the stove)? And I was almost equally excited about nuke-baking some taters for lunch? Do we have a word for that? Naking? Well, okay, does it say anything less pitiful about me that I passed at the dental check-up today? Oh, and the nuker prompts you if you don’t push the right buttons! It’s made for Luddites!

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Now there’s a passel o’ paradoxes to keep a person wondering for hours!

Here is the funny bit. I don’t much care for bread. The texture and taste are not that appealing to me. Toast, on the other hand, is something I will eat dry, buttered, jellied, or with a bit of cheese on top.

Y’know, I love bread, but I hardly ever eat it. I’d definitely give up the toaster first. 🙂

I was excited when we got a toaster, and that only makes toast, so being excited about a microwave is far more valid. Although I would probably give up the microwave before the toaster. I really like toast.

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