Back on the rollercoaster

The good news: My doctor thinks I’m amazing.

The bad news: The new brain pills are not keeping up with production requirements. Plus, one of the “rare” (read: certain to happen to me) side effects is ravenous hunger. This is not an acceptable side effect.

So we are still living with lethargy, lack of sleep, and periodic desire to commit violence against Stupid Drivers, Jerks, and Anyone Who Happens to Be Annoying Us at the Moment. Fortunately, the pilot is still in charge of the plane and has nixed those impulses.

At this point, it takes too much effort even to call the doctor, although I know that must be done to fix this and go on to Plan K. Since we only worked out Plans A, B, and C, I have no idea what Plan K will involve. Possibly trucks traveling at high rates of speed.

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