New outlook, new toy store

Essential Brain Chemicals (that’s the technical term) are building up where they’re supposed to be, meaning I’m starting to feel much better about life, weather, and the price of rice (not, however, about the oatmeal, into which I spilled some onions from the chicken soup). The current crop of pills, like all the others, is giving me the appetite of an adolescent mastodon, but I guess that’s better than the Previous Utter Misery. I actually caught myself whistling and humming a couple of days ago, which I have not done for a very, very long time (probably not since last summer).

In addition to an improved outlook, I ran across a new toy store today. I think this is the one that came along when our original restaurant supply store closed up. You can buy gallon jugs of liquid smoke, Worcestershire sauce, and clam juice; two-gallon cans of roasted, peeled chiles ready for stuffing to make rellenos; huge honkin’ jars of cumin and cloves and diced dried onion. My buddy Rob wanted to get some clam stuff there today, so I wandered about enjoying the novelty. It’s been a while since I had to buy food in those quantities to keep the Household Teenagers from gnawing on the floor joists. Seeing all those huge packages of comestibles, packed floor to ceiling throughout a big building, gives me a sense of security. Thank goodness I don’t feel compelled to bring them home with me. Just knowing they’re there, should I ever be in need of a liquid-smoke bath, is enough.

Went to see “Quartet” today, too. Delightful, delightful movie, well worth the price of admission. It was similar in spirit to “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,” only bitchier and with classical music. I expected it to be a bit depressing, but it wasn’t at all. Very upbeat and sweet. And thank heavens the director (Dustin Hoffman) had enough sense to use real musicians to sing and play the bits (Snaotheus, there’s a 210-year-old trumpet player that’s well worth watching) rather than try to get the actors, who couldn’t sing “Rigoletto” if they were tied up and promised eternal life, to sing them.

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