Getting stoopid

You would think a woman who grew up in prime chile-growing country, with hot peppers all over the place, would have better sense than to seed and cut up a bunch of pretty hot serranos without gloves or something, wouldn’t you?

You would be wrong. As attested to by the burning under my fingernails some 30 hours after so doing.

Honestly. I never cease to amaze myself.

Posted by wordsmith


It probably equals the pain imagined when I heard a friend’s story about forgetting to wash his hands before visiting the restroom in a similar situation. Unlike eyeballs however, the nether regions apparently take a little while to start burning. :O

Legge is a sadistic monster and he should have to cut them up next time! No more John Deere thneeds for him!

The worst one I had was when I was making the hottest chile I could for an uncle who said he could eat anything. I was probably 17. I cut and chopped and cut and chopped. . . and then had to pop out a contact and clean it, and pop it back in, and. . . you can imagine the rest, right?

Not very pretty.

You have my deepest sympathies. I’ve done the same, with similar results, which usually ends up with me lying in bed with a bag of something frozen over my fingers while Legge laughs.

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