Don’t know why that song says livin’ is easy in high summer. That’s when you have to be alert to things stealing your hard-grown food, picking and doing something with said food yourself, and generally making sure everything that needs to get done does get done before the rains start. For me, with my incredible lack of house-fixing experience, that gets to be a pretty exhausting list.

I do like the produce, though. I’ve been getting about a quart of sugar-snap peas every three or four days (including today), picked a little over a quart of raspberries (the neighbors’, though they told me to pick while they’re off somewhere) today, and got a small handful of blueberries. Don’t know why mine all ripen later than anyone else’s, but they do.

I saw the first (for me) cabbage butterfly the other day, so rushed out and cut netting to cover up the brassicas so the *&%! butterflies can’t lay eggs on them (provided I got there in time). Put ’em over the blueberries, too, because the netting I used last year was big enough for birds to get in. . . but not out. It got a little hairy feathery a few times. The earliest two containers of peas are just about to keel over, but the others are doing okay. And the wee lettuces in the pot in the foreground are delicious. They’re the “cut some when you want some and it’ll grow back” kind. I think I like that.

Finally getting some traction on the house-painting thing, although not a lot. I got sample paints for several versions of the colors I liked the best and painted them in stripes on the back wall today. Have to see what they look like in the sun tomorrow; these look cooler than they really are ’cause of the shade.

Yes, that’s three shades of a muted terracotta and three shades of green. Call me crazy. Oh, wait, you don’t have to; I’m certified already. Anyway, for your amusement. Whatcha think?


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