Chore Day

Snaotheus and Crew came up today so he could do some of the House Maintenance things I can’t (or shouldn’t try, or have tried and gave up on as a Bad Idea for an Old Woman). He did get the north window cleaned off and caulked, but despite valiant efforts even he couldn’t find safe purchase for the ladder to do the one that hangs over the east cliff, so it remains uncaulked and breezy.

He got about a quarter of the way through cleaning the roof before the pressure washer died. Yep; it —ing died. The damn thing is barely two years old, IF that, and I haven’t used it more than three times, tops. What the (%#*^&! is wrong with things these days? The last one I had lasted longer, but a friend who borrowed it every spring got more use out of it than I did, and then when I did need it, it died. We are not amused.

I’m exhausted after chasing up and down the stairs all day with this or that, although it was a really fun day. Miss Delighta deigned to be kind today and play with me 😉 so we played Dinosaurs and Colors and More Dinosaurs and Ball and Sidewalk Chalk and More Colors. Her fine motor control has advanced exponentially since the last time I colored with her. She’s doing things really neatly now. And she likes everything green. Except for tongues. Tongues should be red, and she made me stick mine out to be sure “everybody has red tongues” really is true, although why she thought mine out of millions of people might be green is kind of beyond me. Still, you have to applaud scientific inquiry when it appears.

Little Mister is the most adorable baby around. He’s so cheerful and laid back. I know I say that every time I see him, but it’s true. A joy to have around, even though you must Watch Him At All Times, he demands that All Doors Must Be Closed, and his appetite is such that he needs a shirt that says Give Me All The Food NOW And No One Will Get Hurt. Really! At one year! He has his Uncle Bassmaster’s appetite.

At the burger diner this evening (which was an Adventure as the only high chair was a real high chair with tray and all, but with a seat that wouldn’t lock into upright, so Little Mister sat in his stroller where he had to look up at everyone), he was fussing madly because he wanted All The Food NOW. Suddenly two little girls (older women, to him) walked past him. Immediately he was all smiles and gave them a suave smile and a casual wave. You could hear him practicing, “Hey! How ya doin’?” in his head. That’s Uncle Bassmaster, too: Food, charming the women and beer. Little Mister hasn’t gotten to the beer yet, but he seems to have to other two down pat. 😉

We Snaotheus did get a fair number of things done following the Pressure-washer Death Debacle. He scraped and painted the part of the garage trim that was peeling off (it took me 20 minutes to find the confounded touch-up paint, which was neither in the can nor the place I remembered it to be in) and futzed with the wiring in an inside light that was going wonky. Of course, it worked perfectly for him every time. I’ll bet it turns out to be one of those testosterone-sensitive things, where it works as long as a male is around but otherwise, nothankyewverymuch.

He also replaced the spotlight bulb in the upstairs motion-detector light that has been messed up for a while (another place where he can use his monkey-boy arms to just reach up and do it, but it’s slanty and another bad place to brace a ladder for me). That one was weird: The lens front (I don’t know what else to call it; who knew lightbulbs came in two pieces?) on the old spotlight had fallen off. It didn’t break when it hit the concrete, so we’d tried epoxying it back on but the epoxy (the mix-it-together sausage-shaped kind that will Fix Your Boat in the Water, or Your Money Back) let go shortly after and it fell off again.

We got ice cream (scoop of vanilla with a cherry on top for Delighta—but no red sprinkles to be had. She was a big girl about it and ate it anyway) and took it over to “the other grandma’s” (that’s what Delighta calls Grandma), where we sat her outside to watch the kids run around, and they had a marvelous time moving rocks from one rock-lined bed to the other and back. I guess you have to be a kid to get it, but they about laughed their heads off. Little Mister fell over several times, but he didn’t land on his face once. He rolls amazingly well when he falls down. I wish I could do that.

Snaotheus also took down one of the outside lights I’m intending to replace and put up the backplate for the new fixture. I don’t think it’s going to fit unless I cut a chunk out of the wall. (Naturally, it couldn’t just simply fit; there’s a long-standing tradition in this house that Nothing Can Ever Go Smoothly and According to Plan, Not Even Taking out the Trash.) There’s an awfully big gap between the backplate and the side of the house, and it doesn’t get any smaller when I put the front plate with the lightbulb-covering part (why do I not know the names for these things?!?) over it. I don’t think I can There is no way in this division of the multiverse that I can screw it down tight enough to take up that space without its breaking. I’m just throwing up my hands for the moment.

I don’t think I should be this tired, but I am. Been on my feet all day, too, and even in my Foot Armor Boots they are complaining of mistreatment. Going to have a nice 90-minute IPA. nods

Dad, Delighta and Mom all worked on this version of alphabet practice on the road upstairs. Can you tell which portions were Miss D’s? 🙂


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