Damned light

Snaotheus pointed out to me last week that he re-wired and replaced four lights in his kitchen in about an hour and a half. This compares not-very-favorably to the going-on-two-months he and I have variously and togetherly been trying to replace ONE miserable outside light at my house, which in its toothpick-construction glory has thwarted our every singular and combined effort to date.

Yesterday I decided I was going to get the wretched thing up, even if I had to tape more plastic over it ’til I can figure out how to get lumber cut to properly fit behind the fixture and take up the space between it and the wall caused by the *&@^#! construction for which the wire housing is not recessed into the outer wall but actually projects about 1/8″ above the wall surface.

Follows proof that the light is up. Proof that it works. Now I have to find some way, since I have no table saw, to cut some sort of wood so it’s 1″ thick (the shim part) and at-this-point-I-don’t-really-care-how wide to frame the fixture. Then I’ll paint the wood and screw it into the wall, and put some more caulking (have I mentioned how desperately I have come to loathe caulking?) on it.

There will then be two others to do. I don’t know when or whether I’ll get around to doing those.  Maybe when my teeth grow back the enamel and my crowns the porcelain and gold I’ve ground off them over this sodding thing.

Up and in place:


Turned on and actually throwing light:


Covered up with big plastic bag because you know it’s gonna dump buckets when least expected, and of course no self-respecting piece of plastic or even a ginormous plastic bag is going to fit neatly over that shape:


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