Spike keeps me busy

This wee hound thinks 20 of each day’s allotted 24 hours revolve around Play! Chase! Fetch! Tug! Rip Apart! And she can be quite persistent in getting this person to stop what she’s doing and provide appropriate Play Support.spikeduck2.jpg

Wot’s dat? It makes sad noise. Don’t think I likes it.


Well, maybe I’ll try one bite. No. Tastes funny. Like forn food.


I haz Ball! We will Play. I make it wet and gooey, then you get it.


Look! I save you from fierce beast wot was tryin’ to eat yer toes! I am brave Lifesaver Dog!


OK, tired now. Time for nap! Then we do Neighborhood Patrol!

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Don’t have a pedometer, so I must be only copper or brass.

If your pedometer is running, you’re golden!

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