Month: November 2015

A visit from the forest wanderers

Kids brought the grandkids up for early birthday and late Halloween, and along with too much (killer, I mean KILLER) cake and enough fat (Thai and 1960’s-style diner) to restore me to the level of Americanism that would make me vote for Donald Trump, the kids wrangled the grandkids into their Halloween outfits. For cute, to use a North Dakota-ism. Here they are, Hansel (so excited) and Gretel first, and Gretel trying on Dad’s shoes second (that’s a Tootsie Pop, not a cigarette in her mouth).

The national dress (I’m not sure what to call it—lederhosen? Dunno) Mr. Hansel is wearing is the real deal, although he’ll not be able to fit into it when he’s a manly 18 and could take advantage of what are sure to be attractive legs. đŸ˜‰ Please to notice Miss Gretel’s very snazzy shoes. đŸ™‚


Spike, sad to say, did not take quickly to the idea of having peculiar strangers in “her” bailiwick and spent most of the day in her crate. Where she was happy as could be with a brand-new fresh chewy bone. I brought her out for a while when the kids were quieter so she could just watch them, and she did OK but not spectacularly. It’s going to take longer than I thought to accustom her to the idea of Children as Humans.

Aside from that, it was a great day. I always have fun with this outfit, but they were particularly enjoyable today. I just wish Spike could have relaxed, because the grandkids would have gotten a huge charge out of watching her kill the patoots out of her rope toy and chase a ball madly wherever it was thrown. Complete with cartoon-dog foot-scrabbling when it changed direction too quickly caroming off a wall.

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