Catch-up to year’s end

Though 2015 qualified easily as the second (maybe first) worst year of my entire life, it did have its occasional joys.

One of those not previously detailed was having a Mother-Son Day with Snaotheus when he came up to install the dishwasher he and KrisDi gave me for birthday/Christmas. It was rather an ordeal, and there is now a leaking line under the sink that I need to pinpoint and fix (yes, I have no doubt that will qualify as the First Disaster of 2016 and be eminently documentable), but I also have a functional dishwasher after three-plus years, and I can hide dirty dishes in it and have some counter space to work on. Yay!


A couple days later I went down to Snaotheus’s to hang out for a while (I didn’t want to try leaving Spike in the garage overnight because it was cold and she doesn’t have a double coat except on her back. Her hairless nekkid tummy woulda froze). I had the unusual honor of watching “Frozen” all the way through with Chilkat snuggled up next to me on the couch (this is *rare*), and somehow the movie made sense when I wasn’t seeing half a scene here and there out of order. I still say someone should get rid of Disney. Gads, they own everything. Sadly, young Chilkoot was having a bad day, even after his nap. Poor sweetie.



It’s been cold close to the “bitter” stage since then, and my heater’s been running full blast most of the time. I suppose that means something’s not healthy inside it. But today hoarfrost coats just about everything, so I took a few not-very-good shots of some things that were in shadow. In the sun, they were too bright and I couldn’t get much of anything even with the big camera.




I’m hoping that tomorrow morning this will have turned into the huge, lacy kind of hoarfrost, which is really neat to photograph if you can get a good angle and lighting.

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