Month: May 2016

More success, peaches!

I just Dremeled Spike’s toenails—all of them, on all four feet—in about 10 minutes.

A month ago, this scared-or-at-least-wary-of-everything-new-and-unusual dog was terrified at the mere sound of the Dremel.

And I haven’t even gone through a whole bag of treats yet!

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Busy buddies

I rarely take a photo that I don’t crop in some way, but this one turned out very nicely even though I just held the camera at what I hoped was the right level and hoped the bee would be in frame, let alone focused. Her buddies that I’d seen earlier (and not had a camera for) had big, fat thunder thighs of pollen. Looks like she got a late start or had just unloaded.

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