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The following day’s activities were a lot less strenuous than Lake Day. In fact, I think all we (grown-ups, anyway) did was sit around.


Even the little ones played fairly quietly, in between having Unhappy Periods due to severe and ongoing sleep deprivation. Poor dears! Very early the morning after, the Snaotheus bunch left, and things rapidly became nonsequential for me from there.


Playing with Miss J in her room resulted in what her mom called “animal suffocation,” and she was close to right. I think it was that evening that


the neighbors’ pig (and this is not a rural area!) got out and came over to munch on some juicy green grass, and later


Miss J danced all around the room with her dad, which is remarkable considering he’s of the prevalent Modern Man’s Opinion on Dancing: no way! By this time, Miss J was complaining that her teeth hurt and none of us could figure out what she meant. The teenager was sleeping after the tonsillectomy and pretty much stayed hidden for the next several days. But still…



There’s always something to entertain me about the things you can find in the Northern Plains (and for all I know, here, too; I just haven’t looked!).

It turned out that poor Miss J came down with a massive attack of what in a big person would have been a simple cold sore, but in a little one was a mouthful of misery and days and days of fever and unhappiness (herpetic gingivostomatitis). A doctor visit, urgent care visit, and finally full-blown ER visit ensued, and several days later we went to “look” at puppies in an attempt to cheer up both Teenager and Toddler (as well as Mom, of course!).




This—wee Remy—was the result. He stole Mom’s heart in about half a second, reminded her of her dear old former friend of 19 years’ longevity, and simply had to come home with us. He entertained Miss J a little bit


for a while, and through a few lessons on How to Play with a Puppy. This Puppy… I gotta tellya, he’s an elefunk. The rescue group (he’s a genuine Reservation Dog) estimated him at about eight weeks. His paws are roughly two inches in diameter and his leg bones about the same. He is not going to be any wee delicate Spike, that’s for sure. He is hilarious, though; he falls asleep while playing, in his food bowl, wherever, and loves the cool wooden floor.

Miss J had some “magic mouthwash” that did wonders to numb the extremely painful and prolific lesions in her mouth and throat, but it was awfully difficult to get her to take any of it. I’m guessing it hurt so badly just to open her mouth that she was afraid to do that, even though the numbing was pretty close to instant. We all got frustrated about it, and probably Miss J most of all. During one of the numbed moments,


her laughter was more infectious than her germs, and her laugh is a delight to hear: full, rich, involving her whole body. If you look closely, you can see the swelling in her gums, the lesions on her lip, and a few of the lesions on her tongue. Ouch, ouch, ouch!

Before you knew it, it was time for me to come home, so I did. Assessed the damage to my house, reminded my dog who I was since the dog sitter spoiled her rotten, and got busy processing photos to share.

I had an absolutely wonderful time with both bunches. There are no people on earth I’d rather spend time with than my kids and their families. They’re just plain terrific.

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