Month: August 2016

‘Faithful’… erm, friend… ?

My buddy Richard from Canada visited last week on the turn-around leg of his latest road trip. As usual, Spike was scared silly of him when he walked in the door.

Then he sat down in my rocking chair.

I’ve spent a good portion of the almost-year she’s been here trying to teach her that a lap does not automatically belong to her and cannot necessarily be accessed on (her) demand. All that went right out the door and she literally (and I do mean literally, not figuratively) climbed up the poor man.


And then she gave him the wall-eyed “oh, I am so mistreated, please take me away from this terrible place of abuse and misery” look.


That, apparently, is what I get for a year’s worth of food, shelter, slimy-toy throwing, brushing, ear-scratching, and veterinary visiting. Faithless little twit, that dog!

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More (of the same, mostly) rocks!

With the addition of a red desert rock sent by a friend who just came back from Arches, Monument Valley, and Zion National Parks in Utah! And some cleaned up and others turned upside down. I can’t help it. I like them.

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These are the pockets-full-o-rocks I brought home from the delightful stomping about at the beach with Chilkat and Chilkoot and their dad last weekend. I know it’s dumb, but I can’t see a rock that looks like it needs a good home and not bring it home. 🙂 Don’t the barnacles on the black basalt look like teeth? Hee hee!

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