Chasing endorphins


The wrinkled tomato was green and shiny when I put it in the window. It started to wither a couple of days before it started to turn red. I haven’t had the heart to take it away. It’s so determined to fulfill its destiny. Destiny aside, I felt as surly today as it must.

A couple of days ago I got thoroughly fed up with the Interminable Back Injury from Hell. It’s been more than three months and the damn thing’s still touchy and keeping me off the bike. It turns out that may be the result of newly diagnosed degenerative arthritis (which so does not thrill me) as much as the original injury. Maybe more.

I said screw it and went for a walk at the park where I hadn’t been since Bluedog the Magnificent left me. I’m in desperate, desperate need of endorphins (it’s September, I have the freaking happy light on 45 minutes a day, and it doesn’t give happy). If I can’t get endorphins from the bike, which appears still to be the case, then I have to get them somewhere.

I figured I’d better let the stupid back ease into things. I walked for about half an hour. Pretty fast. I was not tired. I did not encounter any endorphins. I was not pleased.

So I went back today, deciding I’d walk ’til I was tired and hang the bloody back. I started with the hilly south side of the three-mile trail around the lake, which was a good workout even the last time I was there.

I got tired on the north side of the lake about half a mile from my car. I got back to the car in 53 minutes. I did finally find an endorphin about minute 45. I grabbed it, choked it and shoved it in my pocket, where I hope it will stay; otherwise I will throttle it and tie it down. Yes, my back hurts, and I don’t care. It can get used to the idea.

They haven’t groomed the trail since the last time I was on it and broke both ankles thanks to invisibly loose rocks. That is not good news, and I did have a few issues, which displeases me. However, my Ferocious Boots saved the day. (Yes, Snaotheus, I had the phone with me.)

It’s distinctly odd that I could walk that far and that fast after essentially being immobile all summer with said idiotic back injury. If I can’t use the bike anymore, and it’s looking as if that might be the case since 10 measly minutes on it leaves me in misery, this could be a problem. If I can start out doing the whole lake at about 17 or 18 minutes per mile, there isn’t a whole lot of room for growth. Especially given that I cannot run thanks to the foot architecture.

I am pleased, and I am not pleased. I am, however, slightly less surly. It will have to do.

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