Winter weeks are over, thank you, Ma Nature

Normally, we in the Pacific Northwet (sic) have about three weeks of winter whether we need it or not. This year, not so much. Well, actually, way more, really. We had about three and a half weeks of genuinely cold weather, when it didn’t get above freezing at all, even during the day. That was enough for me.

When I got up this morning to this, I was seriously displeased.


Five inches of snow that I had to shovel off the deck, off the stairs, and around the corner to get to the garage. Five inches of snow that were one inch shy of the clearance of my little car. I have Registered A Complaint with Mother nature. She has 48 hours to reply to my complaint or I shall take it to a higher authority.

For some reason, I don’t expect her to pay much attention to me.

However, I’ve prepared something that I hope will be hot enough to mitigate the effects of the cold: my first-ever batch of kimchi, which required a trip to the grocery store to get some stuff that had been out of stock yesterday but was essential.


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