Month: December 2019

Toting the bale reprised

Rejoice! (Or shriek; your choice.)

Here is one post for 2019, so I can say there’s an unbroken line for lo, these what, 15 years or so.

Wandering Wordsmith now comes to you courtesy of son Snaotheus, who has been gracious enough to re-home my blog on his own site (which contains his blog, wherein he keeps those who matter up to date on what his family’s up to. With lots of drool-worthy photos of DIL’s cooking hobby).

It isn’t sensible to keep paying for hosting for, so come Dec. 31, it will vanish into the grand amalgamated ether of Formerly Alive Internet Thingz. I’ve had PP since 1997 in one form or another (since about 2000 in present form; maybe a little later, after I learned and switched to CSS for format control), so it feels like a bigger deal to dump it than it really is.

Until then, it contains all the Essential Incredibly Valuable You-gotta-havvit Information on paper, handwriting, flex nibs, etc. that it’s always contained; as of Jan. 1, people who are interested (that still amounts to a handful of new folks a month, even with 20-year-old metadata) will have to go to the Wayback Machine.

Last year’s blog postings were curtailed by a fairly severe spoon shortage coupled with a sadly conventional desire to post tales in chronological order. That meant I procrastinated at a professional level: I didn’t want to post B until after I’d posted A, and A was hard and never got written, so… I’d’ve been fired if it had been my job.

This iteration has a problem or two; maybe some I haven’t discovered. The top banner image is bigger than it should be, so it looks pixelated, and I’ve not dug into the behind-the-scenes stuff to figure out why. It probably doesn’t matter much.

But Snaotheus got all the previous posts transferred and archived, we think; that’s the main thing.

Anyway. I hope to have a better supply of spoons, and to catch up on things (quite a lot of them), and not to be dominated by the Slavemaster of Chronologicality. Meanwhile, Merry Christmas. Have a yummy turkey.

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