Mothers’ Day: Pandemic Mode

Obviously, with everyone sheltering in place and social distancing, we’re not all rushing off to Mom’s or Gran’s houses for the usual holiday activities. So Snaotheus called a local East Indian restaurant, Tandoori Bites, and had them deliver food for me.

Enough food to feed at least three people for a week.

Garlic naan, chili garlic naan, vegetable biryani (with more vegetables and spices in than I’m used to seeing–delicious), cardamom rice, raita with boondi (tiny chickpea-flour balls), and tamarind chutney
Lamb vindaloo (yuuummmmm) and chicken goa (yuuuuummmm)
And rose kulfi (ice cream)

I’m in a food coma. Seriously, I can put what’s left in the freezer and eat Indian (my absolute favorite food) twice a week for at least two or three weeks. Totally fantastic. Thank you again, Snaotheus!

And for those of you who are the mothers of my grandchildren (or just mothers, or incidental mothers, or mothers by love and incidental guidance), a jumbled and garish happy-day wish from me (and Mother Nature, who’s as garish as they come)!

Educational content: Clockwise from top left, lilacs, Dicentra (bleeding heart) (thank you, Mhaire!), strawberries, violets, blueberries, and more Dicentra. End educational content. Go enjoy the sunshine!

I was also treated via Chilkat to a video tour of the new playfort in the back yard, which is getting trim and some more paint today. The inside has several colors, each different between the studs, and looks like a fabulous place for littles to hang out. The weather is presently perfect for doing so, too–sunny, warm, just lovely. Snaotheus and KrisDi have done a splendid job on it!

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