Word collection

I love words. I’ve always loved words. I love their shapes, their sounds, the way they feel in my mouth when I say them; I love playing with their shapes and sounds; I love making them up and messing with them. I love verbifying nouns (yes, like that!) and making ridiculous portmanteaus. (I rarely allow other people this leeway.)

On many, many bits of paper and wildly unrelated computer files, I have collected a brillion (ridiculous portmanteau: “brilliant” and “million.” Yay, me!) words over my lifetime, most of which I never remember to use (and if I wanted to, I’d have to find the right piece of paper or computer file. Good luck with that).

Here’s one I couldn’t pass up: PARACOSM — a detailed fantasy world invented by a child, with its own geography, history and language.

Isn’t that delightful?!

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