Children mine: If I die of That Virus in the next month or so…

… sue the bejaysus out of Mt. Baker Imaging in Bellingham.

Because it will be their fault.

I went for mammo and bone density tests today. They were scheduled several months ago and had to be done before the end of the year.

Despite Mt. Baker’s assurances when I talked to them yesterday about their safety precautions (given the current, more severe restrictions put in place this week), no one took my temp before I went in. No such station was even set up.

I sat in a waiting room roughly 18’x18′ with nine other people. This is darn close to their pre-pandemic waiting room load (maybe two or three fewer). I have been in grocery stores with better spacing measures in place. Of those other nine people–which varied up to 11 or 12 if people’s driver/husbands came in with them–two were easily in their 80s; one was barely able to get around with the aid of two canes.

Where every other medical office I’ve been to this year has switched to plastic chairs, for ease of sanitation, Mt. Baker has not. Their old fabric chairs with wooden arms were placed barely six feet apart (if that much). If they were six feet, that was from center of chair to center of chair, meaning the actual people were about five feet apart. No wipes were anywhere in evidence if a person had wanted to wipe down those wooden arms before they sat. One small bottle of sanitizer was placed in the “wait here” line.

Everyone had on masks, but… one Russian man–who should have gone back to his car, as he wasn’t having a procedure done–sat down, pulled his mask down below his chin and kept talking to his wife (?), rubbing his index finger under his nose and touching the wooden chair arm. No official person came out to tell him to shape up, or even to leave the room. No one came out to sanitize chairs between patients. As noted, no one could have sanitized chairs themselves unless they’d happened to bring alcohol wipes inside.

I sat roughly (my guess) five feet away from this inconsiderate jerk for a good 15 minutes or more while he spewed who knows what into the air. There wasn’t anyone to complain to; no one but two overworked receptionists seemed to be around. I asked the technicians if a manager was there whom I could talk to; they said not.

When I came out, who do you think was sitting in said jerk’s filthily contaminated chair? Yep. The elderly woman with the two canes. I’m sure that was extremely safe for her.

This, just a few days after our entire state rolls back to severe March-level covid restrictions. Had I known Mr. Baker Imaging was so lax–had they told me when I talked to them yesterday–I’d have rescheduled, deadline be damned. I’m sure others would, too. I was not the only person giving said jerk looks that should have knocked him flat.

When I got home, I called Mt. Baker to complain. Of course, that department manager had already left for the weekend; after all, it was around 4 p.m., never mind that a steady stream of people was still entering and exiting nine to 11 at a time (though some went out to their cars to wait).

So Monday morning the manager will get a forcefully worded message to call me, delivered in my sternest Do Not Mess With Me Editor’s Voice. She’d damn well better. And she’d damn well better have some answers for such inexcusably shoddy safety measures.

If I get sick, sue them for costs. If I die, sue the ever-loving hell out of them for negligence, non-compliance, and/or negligent homicide.

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