Month: September 2021

It was… a road trip

I’ve put this off, hoping I’ll come up with some goofy stories about the road trip Snaotheus and I made in two days from Seattle to Albuquerque. Something funny had to happen, right? With the two of us snarky people in a car for 24+ hours? I’m sure something did, but darned if I can remember it!

At present, the thing that stands out most is that the first coffee I’ve had in 10 years was from McD’s, and it was gharstly: It tasted as if they’d started off with decent coffee and burned it. How can you burn a non-flammable liquid? (I know, I know; it’s rhetorical, OK?) The second came from a 7-11, which was equally gharstly, but tasted like a not-very-good coffee that was badly brewed. I’m unlikely to start drinking coffee again because both of them gave me the collywobbles, which is why I stopped drinking coffee in the first place. So it’s a no worries deal, yeah?

Anyway, now I think I’ll be better off to give up and call it what it was: a good trip. A grueling, brutal, and largely boring (as it concerns car performance and other drivers’ idiocy) drive. It was delightful to spend so much time with my boyo, even though I think his primary motivation for joining me had more to do with trying out new breweries than making sure his mother didn’t get run over by a Mack truck and eaten by coyotes. We thought he’d be able to try four new breweries in four states in two days, but it turned out the one he really wanted to try was some 60-ish miles out of our way and the possible substitute didn’t open until two hours after we’d driven through town. By that time, neither of us was remotely interested in waiting.

We had breakfast in Yakima (fast food; nothing was open that time of morning) and lunch in I think Pendleton, Ore., where the day’s brewery of choice carried no food, so we had to order delivery from elsewhere in order to have anything but beer for lunch. They did have some interesting beers, though, and Snaotheus bought a few.

We missed The Red Iguana in Salt Lake City because we were exhausted and both locations had lines out to the street. We didn’t want to stand around that long. A mix-up occurred with our Airbnb there involving lack of cleaning, dank root-cellar stairs, and high-powered window air conditioners, but I suspect we could both have slept through a bomb strike that night.

This was where I learned that his second suitcase, which had puzzled me (two suitcases for two days, for a guy used to doing a lot of travel?), was empty. Yes. He took empty luggage on a trip with my car already packed to the brim… so he could take home any good beers he found. I should have known.

We did have a fun lunch at a quirky little place, Three Rivers Brewery, in Farmington, NM. Snaotheus enjoyed one of the two beers he tried (La Cumbre‘s October Fiesta). My tiny taste agreed with him–it was good.

Despite my herculean efforts to expand his sphere of interests (which at present focus on craft beers and single-malt whiskies), he remains uninterested in the amazing geology that was all around us, in any of the history I related, and frankly, I think the poor dear just tolerated my gabbing because it kept us both awake.

Even Ms. Google didn’t screw up and send us to Alpha Centauri or over a dam (which she’s tried to do to me twice since I arrived). Still, the main thing was to get here, we did, he got home safely the next morning, and D. hasn’t yet thrown me out, so all is well.

There was a fair bit of laughing, so if a good story comes to mind later, I’ll post it then. Sorry. I’m more disappointed about it than you are!

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