Tamales, tamales, tamales!

Three of Donna’s sisters-in-law came over today and brought all the Stuff for tamales.

If you’ve never made tamales, you need to know that they are (unless you are very fast) quite time-, work-, assembly-, and clean-up-intensive. (I am not fast. Actually, I haven’t made tamales since I was 9 or 10, and I’ll bet I got sent outside to get out from underfoot then.)

Table laden with damp ojas, bowls of masa, bowls of red chile, and participants preparing to put masa on the ojas, chile on that, fold it attractively (or otherwise), and plop it in a pan.

And this is only the beginning! One must dry off the wet ojas (corn husks), smear masa over the oja, put some filling in, and fold it up tidily to lean up against the others, until you have approximately 84 dozen and can package them for the freezer and parcel ’em out.

One large pan full of wet ojas (corn husks). They have to be soaked so they’re flexible enough to fold up. And E. preparing to put chile on hers.
Partway through one of about five or six pans full of filled up and folded tamales. Even some curly ones!

As with all female bonding experiences, this one involved a lot of visiting, a lot of laughter, a lot of silliness, and fun, too. I think we probably spent the entire day, or most of it, either prepping, building, or cleaning up. But we did it! And we remembered (or Donna and I did) why tamales are made only once or twice a year!

L. packing the finished tamales into freezer-friendly bits: in foil packs, plastic bags, freezery bowls, or other containers. This is relatively important because really, who can possibly eat 84 dozen tamales at once unless you have a really, really large group of people to feed?

And that’s all, folks. I’m too tired to be funny and have too many late-received, last-minute housing things to get done. Argh.

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