Sons of mine: Read this. It’s important.

I’ve been busier than the proverbial one-armed paper hanger–no, I’ve been the one-armed paper hanger, because the deltoid I’d trained to mostly take over for the torn rotator cuff got sprained, so I’m doing almost everything left-handed. Anyway, I’ve not been keeping up blog-wise (as if you cared; really, it’s just the drudgery of moving and the anger of finding out that the previous owner a) did shoddy, shoddy, shoddy work; b) if she did any at all; c) knew damn well there were problems with the house that she did not disclose, which is illegal as hell; and d) trying to figure out ways to fix things well and inexpensively, which generally means creatively.

However, I have been writing about these things. Mostly in explosions of incandescent rage. In my most-used online knitting forum, where we’re oriented around Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels. We have something called Guild Wars, in which participants choose a guild from the DW universe and then shows off what they’ve knitted or done (this is its purpose; I don’t think anyone pays attention to the imaginary “points”). Most of my “done” lately has been the back-breaking work of packing, hauling, and reversing the process. And making too many decisions for the spoons I no longer have and trying to find places where there are no places to put things.

Thing is, we also get points for writing stories to go with our work. You know me; any chance to write a story is a good one. So I’m going to use those DW stories to fill out the non-blogging lacuna, which damn well better be my last move. If they don’t carry me out of here in a box, I’m suing someone.

Because it’s DW-themed, our stories read rather like fanfic, which I don’t much care for elsewhere, but it’s fun here. When you read about the Widow Dressing (a pun arising from a felicitous typo of “window dressing”), that is I. When you read about Apocalyptica (or Pocky), that’s either Widow Dressing’s niece (lately) or also I (earlier on). I’m not going back any farther than that, because I don’t remember what character name I was using, and it’s not relevant.

This is because I have absolutely no spoons to rewrite it in regular language and still make it even remotely humorous, so you’re just going to have to get along with it. Maybe the grands will think it’s fun–especially those who’ve started the DW Tiffany Aching cycle (which reminds me, Nodakbassmaster: Offspring 2 is exactly the right age for this set. If she’s still not much of a reader, you can get them on audiobook from the library). Or maybe they won’t. Ahorita, no me importa.

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