Vindication feels so-o-o good

Ever since I moved into this place, I’ve been increasingly sure that a) the thermostat (which is 20 years old and listed last on the PDF manual site, which I take to mean the company’s about to drop support for it) was broken and b) the heater was not working properly. I graphed the difference between thermostat heat settings and actual room temperature, and the thermostat was convinced it was anywhere from six to eight degrees warmer than it actually was. This has resulted in my living with room heaters for about three weeks now. Fortunately, thanks to having lived in a POS house that held heat the way a colander holds water, I have a couple of good heaters and <em>did</em> have the foresight to bring them. (OK, I can’t credit foresight. I just did because they were good heaters, not Cheap Chinese Crap.)

A few days ago I consulted a few people I trust, who recommended a heating/cooling/plumbing/electrical company they use (which is <em>not</em>, thank goodness, the most expensive in town). They came by today, and the lead guy was quite familiar with both this bizarre system (which has a dual hot water tank: The top portion heats really hot and goes to the heater, where radiator fins distribute the heat to the house; the bottom portion actually provides bath-style hot water, which explains why I ran out of hot water in what seemed a <em>very</em> short time while taking a shower. (I’m used to a tankless, where you never run out of hot water.)

Upshot: Though at least one of my kids has been downplaying my concerns and telling me “just put in a new thermostat; it’s not a big deal,” it’s not that easy. A normal two-wire one won’t work. The third wire is necessary because of the ultra-hot-water section in the tank (if I understood correctly). The technician turned up the water temp on the heater portion of the water heater and they’re coming back with a new, appropriate, <em>programmable</em> thermostat to replace it with. That means it will be warm when I get up in the a.m. and cold enough to sleep better at night, and will automatically reduce temperature during times when I’m sweating buckets unpacking boxes.

So there, children. I was right, despite being mechanically declined. Hah.

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