Way out of order; but so am I

Dec. 16, 2021. What a day!

This a.m. I girded my loins and did some Adulting. I called the printer people to ask where the blazes the USB port was on this thing so I could get a physical connection to the computer and maybe get more than 1.5 pages printed before the wi-fi disconnected. The woman was kind not to laugh at me as she spelled (with a very difficult accent) what I needed to get.

At the same time, my sternly worded and repeated “that is not acceptable” emails must have made an impression on CenturyLink’s tech support, because they offered me a speed higher than I initially wanted at the same price I’m paying, which will be $15 lower when I return their modem and don’t have to rent it (I own mine).

I then went to Best Buy and got the last one cable they had. Then went to Electric Playhouse with the wonderful Ortiz women for the December birthday girls’ party. They have graciously adopted this gringa into their family and I’m terribly grateful! (D gets a bye ‘cause she was married to one of the late brothers; there were four of them and five girls. I’m just the gringa friend upstart, although they all had at least one of my parents for teachers.) Electric Playhouse is awesome–the grands would love it and even we creaky oldsters had a blast.

I had enough time after to go by the ACE Hardware store with a list half a page long of things I needed, things I wasn’t sure how best to do (or fix what I’d already done wrong), and just questions for how they’d do A if it happened to them. (Dang; wasn’t on the list, but I should’ve gotten some spackle, because I’m bound to mess up the drywall one of these days and need to repair it. Oh, well; next time.)

I love those people.

I came home with workable (even for me, I think) answers, some nuts and bolts, drawer pulls, a couple of toggle bolts, and a new, heavy duty vise grip, which I think will be helpful because arthritic hands just don’t have the squeeze strength they used to with pliers. The youngster who led me around the store (and even wrote down the size drill bit to use on the package with the toggle bolts, because I told him I’d be sure to forget) and pulled things out for me was an absolute sweetie.

However, I have to admit that while I did bring my caulk gun with me (it was an expensive pro model; in Washington, you have to do a lot of caulking and the cheap ones fall apart)… I was truly hoping never to have to use it again. And while he couldn’t help me with the magnet catches I’d like to install on the tiny Cheap Chinese Crap (CCC) storage towers in the baths, I did have a potentially brilliant idea: I might be able to cut a recess into the movable shelf and epoxy in one of those tiny rare-earth magnets I’ve been saving from Sonicare toothbrushes (for years), then put a tiny piece of steel on the other side—not close enough to touch, because I’d never get them apart, but close enough for the magnet to keep it gently shut. I may have to get a 1/4” or smaller chisel or similar to pull that off (why didn’t I keep my carving tools? Oh, yeah, shaky hands). It may have to go on the Son List, given the shaky hand issue.

Sweet Kid couldn’t help with the dog door in the wall problem, though (how to seal the outside so no cold air gets in). He said I’d done the right thing with the insulation, but since they don’t really get into construction supplies he wasn’t sure what to advise, especially since it will need to be something that will support stucco and I think they put chicken wire or something under that. I’ll investigate a little more. Or try CallFidel.com (ha ha–that’s D’s BIL and my former classmate, whom she feels she’s always calling on to do things her late husband always did. We turned it into a joke when, after a few days here, I started saying, “I guess we’ll have to call Fidel” when I ran into something I couldn’t fix for her. Poor Fidel does not know we’ve done this to him. Hee hee. He can be grateful we haven’t set up a website.)

Once home, I struggled and struggled to hook up the printer–the mfr says the cable should be no more than 6.5’, and mine is 6’. Too short. I may have to do some end-table rearranging and just put it to the side of the desk closest to the pooter so the cable will attach tightly, but that’s OK. Fewer wires to fight on the desk, anyway. Didn’t have the spoons to give it a try, so I’ll work on that in the a.m. I’d also like to drill a few holes in the desk itself for cable management, but that will require some thought.

Now I’m ensconced on the couch, with the fireplace on (oh, the utter luxury!), an old tatty blanket of my grandma’s over my lap (it’s wool!), and a pair of toasty fingerless gloves on. (It gets cold here, and while the technician programmed my thermostat yesterday, I wasn’t thinking clearly about the kinds of temps I needed during which parts of the day.) And waiting for Temporarily Homeless Guest to arrive. He doesn’t know it, but we’re having a massive Cut the Boxes Down for Recycling party tonight or tomorrow. 😉

Back to putting my meds and vitamins into their monthly containers. You may now return to your regularly scheduled lives.

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