At least I can polish furniture

The last of the oiling. Widow Dressing was thankful, since parts of things had been unreachable with her only good shoulder. She was also pleased to find that the first things oiled had absorbed quite a lot of their coatings, and at least one of them might not need additional wiping down if she waited a bit longer. She was good at waiting longer to avoid work. Heh.

Today, after her a.m. freeze working in the back room, she’d oiled the drawers, taken down the books and shelf and oiled the inside and outside of the 7’ bookcase, and the outside and stand for a smaller walnut chest.

“Well, that’s a bugger to move,” she grumbled about the three-layered paper sandwich she’d put it on. It wasn’t heavy, but the paper sandwich wanted to tear, not move the chest around. Eventually she managed to shove it in a spot so she could still maneuver around the house. “Not gonna work on the inside of that ‘til it’s easier to get to. So there.”

“But I can unpack this box! And put it in the chest!” she crowed, finding a few of the musical things. So she did. She was a bit unhappy that she’d not been able to sand out all the paint-rub stains those skeezy Morpork movers had gotten on a couple of spots, but they were much better than before. “I can live with it,” she grudged, “as long as nobody else sees it.”

She’d checked on her friend who’d had wrist surgery, made a list of things to do tomorrow (attend a birthday party was one of them; she planned to do some shopping after that so’s she wouldn’t have to go out again), checked on her other friend’s mental condition, and was winding down for bedtime. Which, she scolded herself, was going to be considerably earlier than last night’s midnight. “You’re too old to stay up that late,” she admonished herself. “And it only makes the next day start later, so you gotta quit it.”

It’s very difficult to oil portions of these things with a damaged shoulder. But it’s done.
Oil-fed drawers, with stuff innem!
The one that caused all the moving drama. It also has a small stand it rests on, which is also oiled and put somewhere safe to soak it up.

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