Going a little potty (in the UK sense)

Poor old Widow Dressing called her niece, Apocalyptica, and wheedled her into coming over to advise on A Problem. Miz Dressing had managed to put together two little bathroom storage things without difficulty, but she wanted some consultation for her next big project of the day, which involved a way to hang her pots and pans hanger (that’s not redundant, honest) so she could maneuver it and reach the pots when her shoulders were giving her gyp. Which they were. Pretty badly.

She’d gotten a 2×6 (waaaay too rough to sand and paint) and some fabric to cover it. Apocalyptica listened to the PLN and thought it would work without much trouble. She was actually kind of impressed with her dotty old aunt’s ingenuity, but she’d never admit that.

Of course, Miz Dressing’s staple gun wouldn’t work. Two of probably 100 tries actually shot a staple through the fabric and into the wood. She could find nothing mechanical wrong with it, so muttered “feckit” under her breath and gathered up leftover screws and nails from other projects.

“I heard that!” Apocalyptica chided.

“Respect yer elders!” Miz Dressing snapped back.

So with miscellaneous small leftovers, she tightly attached the fabric to the 2×6. Then she measured carefully and marked where the hangers needed to be screwed in on the bottom side. She completely ignored the hanger instructions because it looked as if they expected her to be drilling through bricks.

Once done, the fabric was nice and tight and the whole thing looked quite tidy and colorful. She put the pieces of the pot-and-pan hanger together; unfortunately, the end piece on the right appeared to have found a different trouser leg to travel during its journey to her new home, so she stuck a bigger leftover screw through the hole to hold the hanging hook temporarily and determined to get a bolt and nut that would close it off.

And she had a place to put her pots and pans! A couple of which she’d found!

It had been a red-letter day for Arriving Things, and she had a medicine cabinet and three big sets of garage shelves to put together tomorrow, but she was so excited to finally be getting things into which she could actually unpack and put her own stuff away that Apocalyptica had to grab her trailing skirt a few times and pull her back to ground. That UU magic did some weird stuff sometimes.

Wee bathroom storage–not much room, but every bit helps!
Pot hanger! A real one!!! With pots! (Except for the wee 7” saute pan, which appears still to be wandering about.)

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