And that’s all, folks.

You’ll be glad of that, I’m sure. 99% of all of that, done for the Discworld Guild Wars on, was just to motivate myself to keep going amidst increasing anxiety and unrecognized depression symptoms.

Yep, the Brain Crash came, and despite 40 years of experience with major depressive disorder, I didn’t recognize it until I was farther down the spiral than I initially thought.

So things will proceed with great slowness now. The box of jewelry-making supplies has been sitting at my feet for more than a week waiting for me to have the spoons to take things out and figure out how to organize them. Many piles are still around (though on a good day, I’ve gotten a few taken care of) and will stay there ’til the brain is closer to healed. Well, not healed, since that will never happen, but until I have a little more balance back in the brain. Which requires reinstating all the extremely time-consuming self-care I have not done for more than a year.

The only good thing, I guess, is that I aten’t dead yet. Forty years with a disease that frequently causes suicide; I guess that has to be a win.

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