Enough sleep works wonders

“So there! That’s what I can do when I gets enough mongatorilizin’ freakin’ sleep!” the Widow Dressing announced, speaking sternly out loud to her new house, hands on hips. Her stance was just shy of aggressive, her head sticking forward like a belligerent chicken.

Her day had started off a little rocky, taking three whole hours to get four packages ready to mail, but when she finished that, she hit high gear and got a whole bunch of rearranging and putting things away and laundry folding and even a couple more boxes emptied out. She felt justifiably proud of herself, and now she was going to sit down and knit, by golly, and maybe even eat a few chocolate peanuts.

“Hah,” she said. “I win for once. I hope Pocky comes by tonight to see it.”

Some of the stuff that had been on the steel shelving fit in the mostly useless cabinets over the fridge, freeing up steel shelf space.

Clear counters by the sink…

Clear counters by the stove… amazing!

Big appliances moved on the steel shelves to make space for all the big, heavy, and tall stuff spilling out of the pantry by the kitchen, like the whole grains and large quantities of beans and dried foods…

Leaving enough room for the smaller, more normal pantry-like things like cereal and canned goods…

And closed pantry doors! That look (temporarily, we know) neat and tidy! (I do not know why the pantry doors (it’s an IKEA Billy with M-something doors, that are intended to go with it, added on) don’t meet in the middle; they’re built that way. It’s weird.)

And we can get into the closet now, and emptied another box. Though we do not like the only available towel storage, which looks sloppy no matter what you do to it. And I forgot to take a photo of my dad’s little walnut cabinet, which sits in the bedroom and holds sheets and Essential Chemical Compounds.

And the pile of stuff to go to the post office, we hope tomorrow.

Whatever extra drugs I took last night, I hope I can duplicate. A week of this and I could probably get everything done and get it out of my hair!

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