More than 70 years…

… and this is still happening. Talk about a bottomless well of abysmal ignorance.

Me to Alaska Airlines:

Dear Alaska,

I like flying your airline. It has a direct flight to my son’s place, for one thing. And it’s at our local airport! With planes and everything! And tarmac! Only problem is…

My son just tried to get one of your customer service agents to change the name on my ticket to match the name on my TSA Pre-check info. I live in NEW MEXICO.

Please to notice NEW.

We have been a state—one of the 50!—since 1912, and since then have had enough bozos across the country not know that that our state magazine has been able to publish, every month for at least the 60+ years I’ve been alive, a piece called “One of Our 50 Is Missing.” That’s 828 articles about eight hundred twenty-eight ignoramuses who think we’re foreigners.

Guess why? Because somebody, somewhere, ALWAYS insists that we’re a foreign country, and subject to all sorts of extra fees and costs. Which is what this CS agent demanded my son shell out.


ONE. HUNDRED. TEN. YEARS. 110, in case that helps. We are home to the oldest continuously inhabited city in the entire United States.

Please to inform your customer service people of this. We do tend to get a little tetchy about it after this long. And I would really rather not switch airlines.

Thank you ever so much

Alaska back to me:

Hi. We do not charge to change the name on a reservation, and that would need to go through our reservation department at 800-252-7522 or text 82008. They would be happy to assist 🙂

– Brandy

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