April 2021 Part IV

More flowers were blooming by this time. I think some had gone past their prime. We definitely were continuing our battle with bunnies eating our flowers, although I don’t have any photos to support it. A couple of the tulips are monsters, like three feet long with flowers that are bigger than my hand.

Main activity the last week or so of April was recording for Kettleworks’ Frozen production. Chilkat doing her makeup, our recording studio setup. Chilkoot and Chilkat each recording a song in our sound booth (closet).

Also some silly photos of the kids hair during bath time: Chilkat in the tub, Chilkoot in the shower. His hair has gotten very long.

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April 2021 Part III

I don’t remember exactly how the idea came about, but we got a gie for Apple Bear. Chilkoot was initially mock upset because we put an orange belt on Apple Bear even though he hadn’t earned it. Afterwards, the kids took Apple Bear and a nice camera around the neighborhood.

KrisDi’s old friend (and Chilkoot’s godmother) Weesh came out from Chicago (with her mom) for Chilkoot’s first communion. They went out on Lake Tapps.

The actual communion was subject to pandemic restrictions — one family/group per pew, empty pews between occupied pews, masks for everyone, limited number of guests per kid taking communion. It was fairly well managed and not a big deal.

The kids had online theater rehearsal that day, right after communion, so we had planned on having a party the next day. However, we ended up having two parties. Lots of people stuck around the day of the communion while Chilkat and Chilkoot were locked away in their rooms, Zooming with their fellow online thespians. Luckily, KrisDi had assumed some people would do this and pre-arranged some food, so it wasn’t really a problem.

The actual party was nice. KrisDi ordered macarons, Chilkoot requested a bourbon chocolate cake, Krisdi had a florist come in with arrangements and to decorate the cake, we had KrisDi’s immediate family and the cousins on that side come in, Mom was down for the weekend. All the adults were vaccinated, which means it was relatively safe, but still strange (and nice) to actually be around other people.

Mom left her purse at her house so I got to take a drive to Bellingham to deliver it. There was a deer in her neighbor’s yard when I got there.

We had a half hour power outage, from 5:30 to 6:00 AM. I had planned on microwaving oatmeal for breakfast, but instead I heated something up in a frying pan on the stove (lit by a match) by oil lamplight.

More pictures of flowers blooming in our front yard. Some of them apparently get droopy if they experience a frost, so we had a bunch of flowers with very curvy stems.

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April 2021 Part II

For more pictures from 8-14 April 2021, click here or on the photo above

It was still a bit chilly, but we had a couple days where it was dry enough at least to have a little fire outside, so that’s what we did.

Some “freeze frame” pictures of the kids on a big ball. Chilkat and Chilkoot.

Our kids are learning from us, even when that’s not the intent. They had a flight of flavored seltzers using our bourbon barrel stave taster set.

Chilkat and Chilkoot got to play at a park with their cousins.

Some of our yard flowers started to bloom. Tulip, magnolia, a purple flower that I think is actually our neighbors’.

Chilkoot buckled Apple Bear up, and made a mask out of sticky notes. It’s probably not N95.

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April 2021 Part I

Click here or on the photo above for the rest of the pictures

KrisDi has continued waging her battle with the bunnies over whether her tulips are food or decorations. No comment on who is winning.

The kids recorded their music for the Kettleworks Frozen production. They use our closet as a studio.

Easter requires Easter eggs. KrisDi has been using the shaving cream method for the last several years, and she (and the kids) have been pretty happy with the results.

Mom came down to visit for Easter, including actually coming down to KrisDi’s family’s big dinner. This might be the first time, I’m not sure. So, she got to witness the kids’ initial egg hunt and loot-opening, and enjoy the French toast KrisDi made with brioche that she made from scratch.

Of course there was a second egg hunt with the cousins, and they kids had tons of fun playing together.

Chilkat’s girl scouts troop had a digital photography session. She watched a couple videos of a guy who didn’t know what he was talking about “explaining” how digital photography works. I followed up by getting closer to how it actually works. Chilkat then wandered around the neighborhood and took a bunch of photos, and then she and I sat and digitally edited a few of them.

Chilkoot’s karate class resumed. For not having practiced more than once or twice since it stopped a year ago, he has done a remarkably good job of picking up where he left off. He initially was unexcited about spending time on this, but I think he warmed up to it immediately when it started. Which makes me happy, because it’s one of the few structurally firm activities he’s interested in, and I think it’s good for him.

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