New Toys

I bought a new camera from Dell to replace the one that stopped working while I was in Japan. After these coupon codes and taxes, it only cost $150. Which is pretty awesome.

Speaking of awesome, I feel like a genius today. I completed the USA Today crossword puzzle AND the five star Sudoku without help or cheating. The crossword puzzle only took me 20 minutes, and the Sudoku took probably 30-40 minutes total. Hard to say because I looked at it a couple times.

Not awesome, I went in to work today even though I was supposed to have it off. Which ruined my four day weekend. Now it’s only 3.5. I’ll probably just show up half a day late on Tuesday. Speaking of Tuesday, I’m going to see Cake that day, with two roommates and a friend. But no KrisDi, she’ll be going out of town for work that day. Which sucks. Speaking of her, she’s coming home today, which is cool.

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Olivier Verdin

Like Sudoku? Check out and play sudoku with your friends in a multi-player session. It is challenging and fun! Enjoy!

Okay Olivier, you made your point the first time you posted that exact message on here.

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