My Pain

If you've ever enjoyed seeing me suffer, you'll enjoy this.

I finally finished editing a video of a softball game where I got hit in the face with a softball. On KrisDi’s birthday, of course. Here’s two pictures of my nose afterwards, and here’s a video of the ball hitting me. Pay special attention to the lovely “stone colliding with a coconut” sound when it hits my face. I apologize for the poor video quality. I don’t know how to do a better job, using the SUPER video thingy and Windows Movie Maker.

Posted by snaotheus


Legge and I giggled unrepentantly, although we did express the suckiness of broken, battered, bruised and otherwise damaged noses (not that legge would know), and wince at the “stone colliding with a coconut” sound.

Wow…. ouch.

Just be glad you did not break your nose.


All I can say is “Dood, good thing your not me” I would have probably bled out and died after that! You who know, know what i’m talken about!!!!!

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