Mouse Doctoring, Strangers, and Books

Hai kus written under the "Every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten" premise.

I’ve had fun the last few days. I ordered some new books (Feast for Crows, Tehanu, Tales from Earthsea, A Man Without a Country) from Amazon, and bought some others (The Drawing of the Three, Smoke and Mirrors) at Borders. I’m pretty excited about Smoke and Mirrors, a bunch of short stories by Neil Gaiman. I loved Neverwhere (if you haven’t read it, go get it now). American Gods was also very good. I also have the whole series of Sandman “graphic novels” (comic books). KrisDi gave them to me for Christmas last year. Or maybe my birthday this year. Dunno. But she gave them to me. And I like them.

We (MeiMei, KrisDi, and I) went to Borders some time before lunch, we picked up my books, and then they went off clothes shopping while I sat in the coffe shop and read (the first short story in Smoke and Mirrors might work well for Rob’s storytelling, Ma — I’ll send you the book after I read it if you like). As I was reading, an old couple came in and sat down next to me. The man’s face looked like pudding in a thin sack of rice paper wrapped around a skull. Richard (for that was his name) sat down and started reading a magazine for a bit, and then lay his head back and fell asleep. His wife, engrossed in whatever magazine she was reading, started talking to him. At some point, expecting a reply from her husband, she realized he was asleep, shouted, “Richard!” and smacked him with the magazine. “If you’re going to sleep, we can just go home!” I (and the several teenage girls sipping coffee faux-sophisticatedly) laughed out loud.

It reminded me of another cool old couple I saw in the airport on the way back from Ma’s. They came into the little bar area where KrisDi and I were having a drink. The guy, amazed, held up one of the salads there for purchase at the low low price of 8 bucks and said, “Look dear! They have salads!”

“I thought I needed to go to the ATM?” she replied.

“This tuna salad looks really good. I’ve got ten bucks. If you want something, you probably need to go to the ATM.” He sat down to eat the salad (and ordered a beer, which he couldn’t afford along with the salad on only $10), and his wife (who had presumably gone to the ATM) never came back that we saw. And we were there for another 30-45 minutes. Before we left, we heard him telling the bartender, “I guess I was a bit too much of a smartass!”

I reinstalled Windows yesterday/today. I had a reason. My computer was stalling occasionally, and I figured Windows was being dumb. So, I decided to format and reinstall. No big deal there. Except that the same symptom recurred afterward. So, eventually, I discovered that it wasn’t my computer being dumb, it was my Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer. Apparently a wire finally broke down, so the computer thought the mouse was intermittently being unplugged and plugged back in, which would cause the computer to pause and think about it for a second before continuing on with whatever it was doing. So I opened it up and fixed it, using a Gerber, a nail clipper, a screwdriver, and some electrical tape. I could have done it without the Gerber.

And one last thing. I realize this post must seem interminable to those of you who are still awake. So I’ll make it short: here’s a conversation Wilmy and I once had on the internet. culminating in some rather choice haikus written under the “Every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten” premise.

The premise.

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