Mr. and Mrs. Morphic Phoenix came to visit month, which was lots of fun. We did a whole bunch of stuff (including Phoenix and I being drunk in the same place at the same time — a first — a couple times). It took forever to post this because I waited until KrisDi came home with her camera, and then we went to Vegas, and now’s the first chance I’ve had to do it. I’m not sure I can remember everywhere we went and everything we did, but here’s a synopsis:

I picked them up at LAX on June 21, we took the Pacific Coast Highway back to my place, and stopped by the big rock and saw a couple dolphins, which was neat. We went bowling (I won one, Phoenix won one), then we went back home and drank beer until early in the morning.

The next day, we drove up to Santa Barbara for lunch, and then on up to Solvang for wine tasting. Now, you might think that wine tasting sounds stuffy, and I’m sure it’s intended to be. But it’s also a remarkably effective way to inebriate oneself. We stopped at the first place we saw (Gainey Vineyards). They gave us eight tastings — remember, wine is typically in the 15% ABV area. Then Mrs. Phoenix talked the dude (not the Dude, the wine server dude) into giving us three more samples by pretending to be interested in the wine club. It was hilarious. I was okay to drive at this point, but I knew I wouldn’t be after the next one. So we pulled into a parking lot and hit four more (Lucas & Lewellen, Royal Oaks, Stolpman, and Presidio; all within one block of where we parked). Drunk would describe what we were. It was lots of fun. So, we went to a little diner for dinner and to sober up, and then drove to Chumash Casino to see Dennis Miller‘s stand up show. So that was a busy day. We returned and barely had the energy to have a beer before bed.

So we got up the next day and drove to San Diego, which you’ve probably heard of. We didn’t do much that first night (Friday), just went out for dinner in Old Town (where we were staying). Mrs. Phoenix was still suffering from our wine excursion, and she went to bed early. Phoenix, KrisDi, and I went out for yards of beer and had a grand old time.

Saturday we went to Sea World and saw Shamu (I think there might have been some other sea creatures there, too. Including Clydesdales, who evidently will bite you if you’re not careful, and polar bears). Afterward, we went back to the hotel and took a trolley downtown, where we had dinner and drinks at the Yardhouse. Then we went to see a Padres game (they lost to the Mariners).

Sunday, we decided to go kayaking through some caves (guided), saw garibaldi, a kelp forest, and a sea lion. Then it was time to go. I drove them back up to LAX, where they flew away. Phone conversations seem to indicate that they made it back all right.

These are all the pictures KrisDi and I had, but I think the Phoenixes (Phoenices?) have more that they didn’t want to share with me.

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looks like a load of fun was had. Sorry I missed it!

I will have to give Pheonix a hard time for spilling his beer, what a amatuer 🙂

Also, I would like to challenge the fact that Krisdi taught you all you know about beer, I like to think I tried as well.


That’s true. You did give me my initial lessons (my original attempt at self-education was a miserable failure). You got me back on my feet. KrisDi gave me advanced lessons.

I had a great time. They claim to have had a great time. I hope so. Man, I was so damn exhausted after they went home. They wore me out.

The Sea World thing is a horseshoe crab. Silly snaotheus, you should have paid attention in high school biology. See…
It looks like fun. I wanna come drink tall beers too.

Poor snaotheus probably didn’t have any *real* high school biology. What passed for biology in Beulah… well, better left unsaid.

This sounds like great fun, although I could never have kept up. I’ll spend more time looking thru the photos later; must away to lunch and (maybe) “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Or maybe tomorrow for the latter.

I hope you were exceedingly rude to the little twit at Lucas & Lewellyn. When I was there with you and KrisDi, he was extremely condescending to me. When we left, I made a point of telling him that while I was intending to spend $5,000 on wine that day, his store would get none of it.

So there.

I think a tall beer would put me under the table.


1. Yeah, my biology class in B-Land was useless, and it’s the only one I ever took.
2. I’m not sure I kept up myself.
3. Lucas & Llewellyn was actually fairly polite this time.
4. It’s not just a tall beer. It’s a yard. Or, in pirate parlance, a ‘yarrrrrd.’