Yap Yap Yap

Here are some more pictures from the lake. Here are some pictures of the world’s largest Holstein Cow. Here’s some pictures of Andi, Wilmbo, Northwood, Apple Bear, and myself at Wilmbo’s.

In the realm of news, here’s the Trap Jaw Ant. Vicious looking jaws on that guy. I wish my mandibles were powerful enough to propel myself 13 meters into the air. KrisDi claims her womandibles can do that.

And here’s the story of my horrifying back pain: I went waterskiing. My back hurt a little, but not too bad. Then I took a nap. When I woke up, my back was providing me a limitless supply of excruciating pain. It lasted for about three days. Then I took some of Dad’s flexeril, and it went away. I was still sore for several days, but I was able to move my back. Andi, Wilmbo, and KrisDi can probably tell you a lot more about my mobility. They kept laughing at me, because I was moving around like a very old man.

On on!

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So, that’s what Girlandi looks like! Hi, Girlandi!

You have custody of Apple Bear now? Take good care of him. He’s very sweet and irreplaceable.

Will look at the rest when I get home. Must go rescue a cousin from the Clutches of Bureaucracy and get him on a plane to Alaska!!

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