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Stuff: Which Steeler did I see in the elevator? What sort of miter saw blade should I use for cutting through extruded aluminum? What is St. Vitus’s dance? What are the standard dimensions of a curling sheet? How do I remove a butter stain because I’m a sloppy eater? What are the effects of menthol? What do you call someone who carries and spreads a disease without suffering from the disease?

Words: gaiters, hussar, chapbook, which prompted chapmen

Unanswered: How does General Mills apply the “soft nutty coating” to the raisins in Raisin Nut Bran? What are the official MLB rules concerning switch hitters — are they allowed to switch from right- to left-handed batting in one at-bat against the same pitcher? Also, what are the official MLB rules about pitching to batters. Can you switch pitchers in the middle of an at-bat, barring injury?

More coolness: I looked up caffeine in Wikipedia because I thought I remembered a doctor or something telling me at one point that caffeine helped open the bronchial tubes and ease breathing, so coffee or Coke might help when asthma bothered me. I found no direct reference to this, but I discovered that spiders on caffeine can’t build a web worth shit, according to a study done by NASA in 1995.

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I had seen a picture of the spider-web, but it was with Marijuana. And the pot one looked better than the caffeine one. Apparantely spiders can’t handle any substances at all!

I like Mentholatum. And I knew the answer to the last question: A carrier!

Caffeine is good for minor asthma. 🙂 Wouldn’t suggest using it insted of the inhaler before a game of football.

My word, you’re still a bunny brain, hopping from one subject to another like a harried hare!

I have used caffienne many many times to solve asthma problems. I do remember the worst time, I was out camping with dad in a tent and I got asthma and didn’t have an inhaler, so I stole a mtn dew from the hoff’s cooler and drank it and it cured it enough for me to go back to sleep in 10 minutes or so. The blade to cut aluminum, use one with a lot of teeth and a carbide tipped blade.

Good thing I didn’t know about that, Northwood. I’d’ve had a hissy.

BTW, the spider web is really intriguing. Wonder if I went out and sprayed my garden spiders with Penguin mints if they’d make weird webs? Prolly not.

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