Leaps and Bounds

Chilkat has approximately three consonants in her arsenal now. She got ‘m’ down first, followed quickly by ‘n’. Yesterday she got ‘b’, and shortly afterward learned how to blow spit bubbles…”bbbbbbbbbbb”. Her vowels all seem to be an amalgamation…which is rather ingenuous. She has invented the Multi-Purpose Amalgamated Vowel Sound (TM). We’re trying to get her to build sentences with these building blocks. We’re also trying to figure out how to get rich off this invention.

“Mom, name me Mimi.”

“My main man may mine my money!”

“I’m no baby!”

We welcome more suggestions.

She pointedly ignores me every day when I visit her in day care. She doesn’t hesitate to give big giant smiles to Kim the infant day care lady. Today, Chilkat took our suggestion to poop at day care since we’re paying them big bucks anyway. In fact, she took this suggestion twice. Kim the infant day care lady marvels at how strong she is, and how advanced she is, and has clearly figured out how to ingratiate herself with parents: Praise their children.

When I visit her at day care, she reminds me of an aloof intellectual in a prison. She doesn’t participate in their mindless shenanigans. I’ve seen one baby start crying, setting off a chain reaction amongst the other babies, and Chilkat just looks around at them like they’re boring simpletons.

Chilkat is sleeping better than ever. She’s a champ. She seems to come home from day care exhausted. Yesterday, we put her to bed an hour early in a very exciting fashion: she fell asleep on KrisDi on the couch downstairs, we transferred her to me, I carried her upstairs, and put her down in the crib. She didn’t even stir. First time we’ve succeeded in such a hand-off, let alone an upstairs traversal without a long cool-down period. To top that off, we had to wake her up in the morning to feed her before day care, she fell asleep during her breakfast, she slept through me putting her into the car seat, the drive to work, and the bumpy walk up the stairs to day care. Then she woke up. Chilkat’s going to be late for school a lot.

She has rolled over twice now during separate tummy times. She gets frustrated less quickly by tummy time. She has not yet gotten on all fours. She likes the sit-up game: lie her on her back and pull her into a sitting position by her hands. Sometimes, rather than grabbing her hands, she’ll grab your fingers. She often likes to continue into the standing position. She also likes the pushy game: put her in a sitting position leaning against you and push against her feet so she can push back.

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I see you’re gonna carry on the family tradition, making sure there will be plenty of written material with which to embarrass your daughter at appropriate developmental stages!

Let’s see, how about . . . “Man, my main bobbin may be a banana, an’ a nummy banana, yeah”?

. . . oh, did you want them to make sense?


Personally I think of my documentation as objective reporting whereas your biased sensationalism was clearly skewed to increase readership and ad sales.

Sensible sentences are totally optional.

Today, she rolled over three times at day care, and another dozen or so times at home. Mostly from back to front.

Oh, of *course*. What was I *thinking*?!?

She is one driven little person.

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